Floral Heirlooms

Preserving those special flowers fromyour important moments in life

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.      How long does the process take?

A.     Depending on the flowers, between two and six weeks.

Q.      Will my flowers fade.

A.     We use an ultra-violet heat sealing process that will help to stop the flowers fading, however, we still recommend that the finished artwork is not placed on a south facing wall or an area that will get a lot of reflected light.

Q.      Do you do special order sizes?

A.     Yes, please call for pricing on any size that is not listed in the price list

Q.      How far in advance should I reserve my press?

A.     As soon as possible, between May and October at least 6 8 weeks in advance.  We will try to accommodate everyone, but those customers that have reserved a press will get priority over latecomers.