Floral Heirlooms

Preserving those special flowers fromyour important moments in life

Flower Care



Flowers that are in a plastic holder with green oasis as a water source:


After the wedding, keep the flowers dry and cool (always refrigerate but never freeze). DO NOT spray or water the flowers.


Wrap bouquet lightly with lots of paper towels or tissue paper and then place in an open-ended plastic trash bag and keep in the refrigerator until delivery to Floral Heirlooms can be made. Take care that the flowers do not freeze. Wrap lightly so that they don't get crushed. Flowers that are received soon after the wedding, usually result in a better end product.





Martha Stewart style:


Flowers that are hand held and have stems showing (often the stems will be wrapped in ribbon).


Slice off about 1 inch of the stems and place the bouquet in a vase with clean fresh water. Place paper towels over the top and keep in the refrigerator or in a very cool place until delivery to our studio.


If sending multiple bouquets please label with correct names etc. If you prefer, a friend or relative may deliver the bouquet. Please call and let us know what time you are planning to bring the bouquets.

Best Care of Your Flowers for Shipping

We often receive orders AFTER a wedding or a special occasion.  If you decide at the last minute to have your flowers preserved, follow these instructions and contact us immediately to reserve a press and at that time we can suggest your best method of shipping.

If they become wet change paper towels and replace in plastic bag . Make sure that the flowers are secure in the packing box by using newspaper.

If sending Maid of honour's flowers, bridesmaids flowers, mom's corsage, they should be wrapped and labelled separately.

Be sure to label the bride's bouquet with her name, address, and telephone number inside the box.

Include a $50.00 deposit by cheque, money order, or call us with your Visa or Master Card number.

Your balance is due upon completion of the artwork (usually 3 to 6 weeks).