Floral Heirlooms

Preserving those special flowers fromyour important moments in life

The Process

Your bouquet will be dried, pressed and displayed on a medium of your choice, by itself or as part of a collage including items such as photos of the big event, the invitation that announced your special day, or perhaps a selection of favourite verse.

Your options are nearly limitless, with a variety of display options to choose from. Consider the following choices.

Framed Bouquets

Your flowers are displayed on a background and matting colour combination of your choice, and framed for display. We can preserve the original arrangement, or display your flowers in a pattern of your choice. There are a variety of framing sizes and shapes to choose from.

Ceramic Tile

Your flowers are displayed on ceramic tile, and laminated to protect them. This is a perfect way to share the memories of your special event with the people who were there. Again, a variety of shapes and sizes are available.

Glass Tiles

Your flowers are displayed on a glass tile, with an ultra-violet protection laminate, both infront and behind the flowers to ensure their lasting beauty

Pressed Flower Mats

Your flowers are displayed as an accent highlight on the matting surrounding a cherished picture or other keepsake.

Display your wedding, graduation or anniversary bouquet along with the invitation and or special photo from the event itself.


Parts of your bouquet are dried and made into aromatic potpourri sachets, preserving the scent of your special flower arrangement.

Free Consultation

Please contact our studio to arrange for your free consultation.

Packages available to satisfy any budget.